Computer Room with Free Computer Courses
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My interest in computers started in high school when I took the BASIC programming language. It fascinated me how you can “command” the computer what to do.

Back then, I didn’t think that computer science would be my career. I just had the passion to know more about computer programming. But in college, I pursued this passion so I took a computer science course.

If you’re thinking of pursuing a career in computer science, you may want to try the free, online computer courses that Standford University is offering.

In August this year, Standford introduced its free online courses on artificial intelligence, machine learning and database.

In February 2012, the university will come out with a new set of courses for spring, and these will include CS101.

The courses will be in small chunks of lecture videos between eight and 12 minutes long. There will be integrated quizzes in some of the videos, and the other quizzes will be standalone. And just like real classes, there will be programming assignments as well. This prestigious institution will produce approximately two hours of video lessons per week.

One important thing is that the students can post questions to the professors of the classes. There will be a question-and- answer forum in which the students can rank the questions and answers so that the most important questions and the best answers will be at the top of the list.

The teaching staff will monitor the questions in the forum so that the important questions not answered by the students will be addressed.

Because these online courses are free, Standford will not offer its resources to the online students.

If your interest in computer science is aroused, watch the CS101 video at

In this video, Instructor Nick Parlante teaches the essential ideas of computer science for zero-prior-experience audience. Parlante has been teaching computer science at Standford for over 20 years. He also teaches programming best practices at Google.

If after you watch the video, you feel the passion to learn more, go ahead and take the online classes. Who knows this may yet be the career for you.