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Now is the time of the year when we start going around to find perfect gifts for our loved ones. But nowadays many people find Christmas shopping stressful, and that’s why more and more shoppers are doing their shopping spree online.

But for those who still enjoy going to the malls, there is an app that will give them rewards for doing such things as entering a store, scanning a bar code and purchasing a product.

The Shopkick app harnesses the Smartphone’s features like GPS, camera and fast data connection to monitor the shopper’s activities.

You earn points or “kickbucks,” as the company calls it, for any shopping activities that you do. As you rack up more kickbucks, you can claim rewards such as Starbucks latte, iTunes gift cards and discounts on brand-name products.

Shopkick now has four million users and has given away more than $1 billion worth of rewards.

CEO Cyriac Roeding started the company in 2010 with $20 million in funds that came from different sources.

Roeding noted that one of the biggest problems of the retailers is getting people to walk into to their stores. He figured that by using the smartphone and with a reward system, more foot traffic in a store could be generated.

He started with BestBuy as Shopkick’s first retailer-partner and has now partnered with 15 other major retailers, which include Old Navy, Target, Macy’s and ToysRUs.

One avid Shopkick user said that her morning routine is to check Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and now Shopkick in her Smartphone.  She checks Shopkick to find out where the big walk-in kickbucks are and she also looks for bar-code scanning opportunities to get more kickbucks. Her goal is to be rewarded with a $300 gift card for a Coach bag.

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Another Shopkick user from California said she has shopped many times with Shopkick. She’s earned a $100 gift card from Target. She says with Shopkick, shopping is more fun.

For people who want to shop through Shopkick and get rewarded, they can download Shopkick in the Google Play store in their Android phones or Apple’s App Store if they have iPhone.

They can also visit to find out more about the app and Shopkicks retail partners.