There’s no denying that social networking is now a way of life, and leading the way in this virtual world is Facebook with over 800 million users.

Facebook users have developed the habit of posting almost every event in their life. Every time they do something or even just thinking of doing something, they instinctively ask the question, “Should I post this on Facebook or not?”

I am one of the millions of users who have developed the Facebook habit. I have enjoyed using Facebook, but when the Timeline feature was introduced late last year, I’ve been thinking of deactivating my account.

In my mind, this is like a girlfriend who is giving me a good reason to break up with her.

To me, the Timeline update (which I don’t want to call enhancement because I don’t see it that way) is pointless. It’s basically the user’s past postings presented like a scrapbook.

The “Privacy Setting” update introduced some years back also annoyed me because it instantly made your profile public unless you did something to stop it.

To me, the privacy change is an indication that the people behind Facebook can do whatever they want, and the users take it without question.

There is another reason why I’m thinking of getting rid of Facebook. It’s not that Facebook does not bring any benefit to me; in fact, it does. I am still using it because with it, I can easily communicate with friends and faraway relatives who are also Facebook users.

But the problem caused by Facebook to me is that I can’t help but compare my lifestyle with those of friends and acquaintances as posted on their Facebook wall.

Most of the time, I’m happy for my friends who have just gone on a nice vacation, who had a great time at a party or who has a daughter in her school’s honor roll.

Sometimes though, I think that some friends are posting stuff just to show off, and this bothers me.

In a sense, Facebook to me is becoming a source of ill feelings towards people, and I don’t want to harbor such bad sentiments.

In the past couple of months, I’ve been checking out alternatives to Facebook. In the past, I created my accounts in other social-networking sites such as Google+ and Twitter, but I had never really gotten to use these sites on a regular basis.

Since recently, I’ve been trying to pursue the use of these social networking sites in my attempt to solve my problem with Facebook.

Google+ has a good potential as a replacement of Facebook, but the problem is that my friends and relatives are not using it yet. Since Google+ is fairly new in the social networking scene, it still has yet to mature.

As for Twitter, I find it fascinating because you can easily see what people are currently talking about in its feature called “Trends.”

In Twitter, you can also follow the tweets (or postings) of people, companies, organizations and publications that you like. Because one such posting is limited to 140 characters, you don’t have to spend a lot of time reading the tweets.

In the past week, I’ve been enjoying Twitter a whole lot.

A co-worker once told me that if you don’t love someone anymore, you will find excuses to justify a breakup.

Maybe this whole column is just that — my excuse.

But then comes this nagging question: Do I really have the guts to break up with Facebook? Can I live without it? What about you, dear readers? Can you?

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