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We know that the work of a group of people is much more powerful than the work of a single individual. This truism is confirmed every now and then by the history of mankind.

In Filipino culture, the word “bayanihan” comes to mind when we’re talking about group effort. Bayanihan is a Filipino tradition that calls for members of the community (or barangay) to lend a helping hand in literally moving a family’s nipa hut to a new location. This is done with the use of bamboo poles attached to both sides of the house.[box type=”default” size=”large”] The only thing that will redeem mankind is cooperation. – British philosopher Bertrand Russell [/box]The men position themselves at both ends of the poles, put the poles on their shoulders and carry the house to a new location. A small party is then thrown by the family as a gesture of gratitude to the volunteers.

Over the years, the term “bayanihan” has meant any civic effort or any undertaking that needs the cooperation or assistance of people., a website, is based on the spirit of cooperation or bayanihan.  It was launched by James Beshara and Khaled Hussein to help non-profit organizations in their fund-raising initiatives.

Since its launching early this year, Crowdtilt has been used in different types of fund-raising such as those for medical fund for a sick friend, a wedding gift for relative or even a fraternity’s Mardi Gras party house in New Orleans.

To start a fundraiser, the person organizing it has to provide a description of the fundraising drive, add picture if applicable and set the tilt amount of the initiative.

The organizer can also set how long the fund-raising drive will run. The maximum period is 30 days.

Once set, the fundraising can be done through email, posting on Facebook wall or tweet so that friends and family members can start building the fund.

Donors can donate by using their credit or debit card.  Once the fundraising tilts or reaches the amount set for the campaign, that’s the time the donors are charged.  If after 30 days or whatever period is set for the campaign and the targeted amount is not reached, the prospective donors will not be charged.

This is said to be the beauty of Crowdtilt.

If you had done a fund-raising initiative before, collecting the money pledged by the contributors can be the difficult part.

Crowdtilt is the remedy for this.  It does not charge for opening a campaign but when successfully tilts, it charges 2.5 percent of the amount raised.  Another thing, Crowdtilt requires that the person organizing the fundraising drive needs to a have Facebook account.

In this digital age characterized by the advent of the “me technology” (like iPhones, iPad, etc.), Crowdtilt is one way in the internet by which bayanihan can thrive.

For more information about Crowdtilt, we urge our readers to visit

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