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Fathers have burden heavier than mothers

Most societies have relegated to the past issues on gender inequality. The trend to recognize same-sex marriages is picking up speed. Women are better...

Divorce and same-sex marriages in PHL?

Should divorce and same-sex marriage be now allowed in the Philippines? Gabriela party-list and other pro-divorce groups were set to reintroduce a divorce bill, while...

My niece found same-sex love

CHICAGO – When someone immigrates to the United States from a Third World country like the Philippines, he or she aspires to find a...

On same-sex and fiancé/e visas – Part 1

Heterosexual marriage is the known and recognized societal norm.  Acceptance of a norm becomes easy when it is reflective of a more general and...

Same-sex marriage is banned no more

In our previous article on immigration hazards to same-sex marriages due to the existence of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) passed in 1996...