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Wednesday, March 21, 2018
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Peace beckons in south with killing of 2 terrorists

News reports about the killing of criminals, no matter how evil they are, always trigger a somber mood in ordinary people, but the reports...

Rights abuses during martial law recalled

CHICAGO — During the martial-law regime in the Philippines, the people in Cavite were allowed to vote but were not allowed to watch the...

What happened to ‘never again’?

What ever happened to “Never again to martial law”? A phrase opt-repeated in many rallies long after the Filipino people ousted the dictatorship of the...

Clothing tyranny with constitutionality

With the Supreme Court basically showing reluctance to review President Duterte’s martial law declaration and ceding its power to the President to determine the...

Martial law in Mindanao: Is it necessary?

Is there really a necessity to declare martial law in Mindanao? This question is being asked by Filipino Americans who have expressed concern about the...