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Tuesday, April 24, 2018
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LBC lauds freezing of burdensome rules on ‘balikbayan’ shipments

LBC’s customers in the US and North America who are now busy filling up “balikbayan” boxes to be sent to their loved ones in...

Faster and hassle-free delivery of ‘balikbayan boxes’ assured

Problems plaguing forwarding industry solved COVINA, California -- Filipinos in California can send their balikbayan boxes and expect their friends and family back...

Balikbayan box rates increased after BoC raised customs duties

We won’t survive if we don’t hike rates -- forwarders LOS ANGELES – Alberto Lina, commissioner of the Philippine Bureau of Customs (BoC),...

Balikbayan boxes delivered in just 15 days with LBC’s new service

LBC, a Philippine-based company that moves sea cargo and money remittances, has announced a new service package that delivers “balikbayan” boxes from the United...

Manila port congestion worsens, stalls balikbayan box deliveries

30-day delivery is no longer possible, shippers say LOS ANGELES – With the port congestion in Manila worsening and inspections by the Department...