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Saturday, March 24, 2018
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Heirs of car-crash victims push suit vs police chief

CHICAGO — Circuit Court Judge Antonio Arzola of the 11th Judicial Circuit in Miami-Dade County, Florida had given the chief of police and the City...

Paddock: From caring, kind man to pure evil

How could a “kind, caring, quiet man” do an act which was so horrific it was described as “pure evil” by President Trump? In the...

Filipino police officer with sterling academic record dies in his sleep

CHICAGO – A Filipino police officer, who worked as a police liaison officer at the Philippine Consulate in San Francisco, California, died in his...

Road rage: Something has to be done

It was a ghastly sight. A biker slightly hits a small car in Quiapo. The car cuts off a man on a bicycle and an...

2 Filipino-American students killed in Florida car accident

CHICAGO – Two Filipino-American students aboard a vehicle were killed while their driver was in critical condition when their car “traveling at a higher...