PBA 2012 Tournament Opening
Dr. Ron Damasco (right), commissioner of the Philippine Basketball Association of Michigan (PBA), addresses the players, game officials, coaches and spectators during a program held last April 22 at the Beechwood Recreation Center in Southfield. The program marked the formal opening of the PBA’s spring tournament.

The Philippine Basketball Association of Michigan (PBA) announced it will open its annual fall league at 1 p.m. on October 20, 2012 at the Beechwood Recreational Center in Southfield.

PBA Commissioner Ron Damasco said the PBA is extending its invitation to Filipino-American teams to join the tournament.

The opening ceremonies will be simple and brief, Damasco said.

Teams participating in the tournament are urged to register early.

To register and/or ask for further information about the fall games, interested individuals or groups are asked to call anyone of the following:

[toggle title_open=”Dante Manipula” title_closed=”Dante Manipula” hide=”true” ]248-217-4118[/toggle][toggle title_open=”Wilson Rodriguez” title_closed=”Wilson Rodriguez” hide=”true” ]734-674-6052[/toggle][toggle title_open=”Commissioner Damasco” title_closed=”Commissioner Damasco” hide=”true” ]248-747-4061 or 248-520-2774[/toggle][box type=”info” size=”medium”] Inquiries may also be emailed at [email protected] [/box]