Pacquiao vs Mayweather

Yahoo! Sports reported in the latest issue of Ring Magazine that Manny Pacquiao is no long the world’s pound-for-pound boxing king. He was dislodged from the top spot by Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Kevin Iole of Yahoo! Sports reported that the rivalry was a “debate between the offensive majesty of Pacquiao against the defensive wizardry of  Mayweather Jr.

The 44 active voters in the Yahoo! Sports boxing pound-for-pound poll had their say, and 29 of them voted Mayweather first, Iole said.[box type=”default” size=”large”] Yahoo! Sports says top Filipino boxer has still significant flaws [/box]

Iole also reported, “As a result, Mayweather takes over the top spot in our November ratings by a razor-thin margin. Mayweather received 29 first-place votes, nine second-place votes and six third-place votes. Pacquiao received 15 first-place votes, 26 second-place votes, two third-place votes and one fourth. The remaining second-place votes went to Sergio Martinez (seven) and Juan Manuel Marquez (one).

“The voters are asked to select the 10 best fighters in the world, regardless of weight. Assuming each fighter weighed the same, who would win if they kept their same physical dimensions and skills.

“Since Pacquiao moved full-time to welterweight, it has made a comparison somewhat easier, because there was no longer a need to project. It was only a fantasy matchup a few years ago, when Pacquiao was a featherweight and Mayweather a welterweight.

“There is no question, though, that Pacquiao is a legitimate welterweight. And that allows more direct comparisons between them.

“I (Iole) voted for Mayweather first and Pacquiao second, as I have done for several months. I have long believed that Mayweather is the best fighter in the world, having first designated him that way back in 2000, shortly before his epic 2001 match with the late Diego Corrales.

“That there is even a little debate, in my mind, is a credit to Pacquiao and how dramatically he has improved.

“However, Pacquiao’s disputed win over Marquez pointed out he still has several significant flaws. He struggles against counterpunchers and he doesn’t do well backing up. He also often forgets to jab his way in.

“Hopefully, they’ll fight soon and debates like this one will be rendered moot.”