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The North American Basketball Association (NABA) will hold a basketball tournament on June 20-22, 2014 in London, England.

Claire Matthews, London (UK) city director of NABA, announced that the London Filipino Basketball Community (LFBC) is inviting NABA member-cities in the United States and Canada to join the tournament called the “First Big Ben Basketball Classic.”

Mathews informed NABA Commissioner Ron Damasco that LFBC is inviting men’s open division teams to compete in the tournament, which is the first NABA league to be held in London.

Filipino teams from Europe will also be participating in what is expected to be an exciting tournament, Mathews said.

In an email message to the NABA member-cities, Mathews said, “We are proud to announce the first-ever cross Atlantic basketball tournament between Filipino foreigners to be held on our shores.

“With the help of Doctor Damasco and the entire NABA organization, we have built a foundation for the British Filipino basketball population to compete annually against elite American competition and build new friendships along the way. This is just the start of building a tradition for LFBC and NABA members to share for many years to come.”

He also said, “We are greatly honored to be holding the first-ever NABA-associated event outside of North America. We take great pride in bringing you English hospitality and sporting etiquette as well as introducing a proudly diverse culture.”


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