Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez

American sports columnist Alex Ballentine said Filipino boxing icon Manny Pacquiao should retire after his fight with Mexican boxer Juan Manuel Marquez.

Ballentine of Bleacher Report said the mere act that Pacquiao is fighting Marquez for the fourth time is an indication that he has gone a long way in his boxing career.

He warned the Filipino boxer about the collective damage that boxing can do to his body.

A portion of Ballentine’s column in the Bleacher Report stated:

“On December 8, Pacquiao will take on Marquez for the fourth time in his career.

“Think about that, the fourth time in his career.

“The two legendary boxers have a rich history against each other. Their trilogy has featured three battles that wowed fans, however, Marquez is 0-2-1 in these three fights.

“The fourth fight should be wildly entertaining.

“Although Pacquiao has managed to either come out on top or fight to a draw in each of the first three contests, it’s been close every time.

“Considering the personal rivalry that’s built up between these two, there’s no doubt that this will be a good one. However, it should be the last time we see Pacquiao in the ring.

“The fact that Pacquiao is taking on Marquez once again illustrates the primary issue with the state of Pacquiao’s career.

“At 33 years old, Pacquiao doesn’t have much time left. He has 60 fights under his belt right now and as good as he is, time catches up with nearly every boxer.

“With so few fights left for Pacquiao, he’s left fighting someone for the fourth time in a non-title bout. Someone that he has already beaten twice. At this point in his career, he should be taking fights that enhance his legacy, not just entertain the masses.

“Speaking of legacies, Pacquiao already has a resume that rivals any fighter in his generation.

“He’s the first boxer to win a world championship in eight different weight divisions, has won ten overall championships and has won nearly every accolade given to boxer’s in his storied career.

“Should Pacquaio retire after his bout with Marquez? Yes, he has nothing left to prove No, he should have a second bout with Tim Bradley Yes, unless he can get a fight with Mayweather.

“What else does he have to prove?

“Boxing fans will be quick to point out that a rematch with Tim Bradley should be on the horizon. Pacquiao and his corner don’t seem interested in a rematch and honestly, why should they?

“Pacquiao feels as though he won the fight and there are several fans and analysts who would agree with that sentiment.

“The only real fight that could enhance the legacy of Pacquaio would be a super fight with Floyd Mayweather.

“As much as fans would love to see it, we’ve been waiting for that for years and it doesn’t appear as if it will ever happen.

“In the end, boxing is a dangerous sport. The cumulative damage that one sustains throughout their career can have long-lasting effects.”


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