Buboy Fernandez
Image source: punchoutboxingclub.com.ph

MANILA — Night and day, images of Tim Bradley keep on appearing in Buboy Fernandez’s mind like a bad dream.

Having watched the videos of Bradley’s fights every night the past couple of weeks, Fernandez has come to know the opponent of his boss, boxing star Manny Pacquiao, from head-to-foot and inside-and-out and is looking forward to the night of June 9 in Las Vegas when all the hard work comes into play.

“I know what’s going to happen to him (Bradley),” Fernandez told the Manila Bulletin with a hearty laugh last April 9 as he was keenly awaiting the arrival of  Pacquiao at a gym owned by businessman-sportsman Rey Golingan in General Santos City.[box type=”default” size=”large”] Says he knows what will happen to Bradley in bout [/box]Fernandez did not elaborate on his bold statement but one could not be faulted if he starts to picture Bradley, bruised and bloodied, either being saved by the referee from further bodily harm or lying on his back like Ricky Hatton.

The right-hand man of Freddie Roach for over 10 years now, Fernandez is Pacquiao’s childhood buddy – and even a comic – but often inspiring presence in the Filipino’s corner.

“I have been watching Bradley’s fights every day,” said Fernandez, who has been inseparable with Pacquiao since the fight with Colombian Jorge Eliecer Julio in Memphis in June 2002.

The videos in Fernandez’s possession are not ordinary fights of Bradley but specific fights with left-handers like Pacquiao.

“I’ve been carefully studying Bradley’s fights with Cuban Joel Casamayor (last year) and American Donald Camarena (in 2007).”

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Fernandez said he has Bradley all figured out. (Manila Bulletin)