NABA NewMarket BasketballOne-hundred-fifty-nine teams from 30 cities competed in the 26th Inter-City NABA (North American Basketball Association) tournament held last Labor Day weekend in New Market, Ontario, Canada.

NABA Commissioner Ron Damasco said that of the 30 participating cities, 14 were from the United States, 15 from Canada and one from London, United Kingdom. He noted that the big number of the participating teams is unprecedented in the history of NABA.

[box type=”default” size=”large”] Canada teams bag most of championship trophies [/box]Damasco also reported that there were 16 teams that competed in NABA’s Volleyball Tournament which was also held in New Market, Canada.

The Canada teams dominated the basketball tournament, bagging most of the championship trophies.

The champions, finalists and most valuable players (MVP) in the basketball tournament are as follows:

  • Tykes Division: Champion, New Market; MVP, Tyler Garcia; Finalist, Washington, DC;
  • Peewee: Champion, New Market; MVP, Calvin Atienza; Finalist, Jersey City;
  • Bantam: Champion, Missisauga, Canada; MVP, Paul Peralta; Finalist, North York, Canada;
  • Junior: Champion, North York; MVP, Keith Montero; Finalist, New York, US;
  • Juvenile: Champion, Montreal, Canada; MVP, Bartlett; Finalist, Winnipeg, Canada;
  • Open: Champion, Montreal; MVP, Jonathan Bermillo; Finalist, Missisauga;
  • Senior: Champion, Washington, DC; MVP, Marcus Davis; Finalist, Toronto, Canada;
  • Master: Champion, New Market; MVP, Toti Vergara; Finalist, Vaughan, Canada;
  • Damsels: Champion, Washington, DC; Finalist, Los Angeles;
  • Girls: Champion, Washington, DC; Finalist, Toronto;
  • Ladies: Champion, New Market; MVP, Cassandra Nofuente; Finalist, Toronto.

The results of the volleyball tournament are as follows:

  • Coed: Champion, Winnipeg; Finalist, Detroit; Women: Champion, North Jersey; Finalist, New Market;
  • Men: Champion, North Jersey;
  • Finalist, North York.
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Commissioner Damasco thanked the host city and all the participants. He announced that the 27th edition of the NABA tournament will be held during the Labor Day weekend next year in Glendale Heights, Chicago.