religion-is-dyingTwo men sat opposite each other on a train bound for Paris, France. The young man was a soldier while the elderly man with bowed head was praying the rosary.

The young man muttered derisively, “God is not going to save the world; science is!”

* * *

The old man was silent as he continued mumbling his prayers. The young man was irritated and began to talk about the marvels of science and medicine. “Religion is dying,” he concluded.

As the train rumbled to a halt at the station in Paris, the young soldier prepared to get off.

* * *

Trying to be kind, he offered to take the old man’s bag and brought it down. The elderly man smiled and thanked the soldier. He took out a card from his pocket and handed it to him.

After they separated, the young man look at the card and was as stunned as deeply embarrassed. It read: Dr. Louis Pasteur, Academy of Science, Paris.

* * *

The elderly man was the leading scientist in France and known world-wide for discovering the medicine against disease-producing bacteria in milk by heating them to a given temperature. The process is called “pasteurization.”

* * *

The famous scientist also discovered the anti-rabies medicine. Despite his giant stature in science, he recognized the supremacy of God.

His example should make us examine ourselves. Those who are blessed with intelligence, talents, and beauty are particularly vulnerable to the sin of pride.

Likewise, it applies to so-called “strongmen” and political leaders, who act as though they had no need for God.

* * *

STORY TO PONDER. A teacher was explaining evolution to the pupils. The teacher asked a student: “Mike, do you see the tree outside?” “Yes, Ma’m,” the student replied. “Okay, go outside and look at the trees, the lawn, and the sky,” the teacher said. When he returned, she asked, “Now did you see God outside and in the sky?” Mike replied, “No, Ma’am.”

* * *

“That’s my point. You can’t see God because he doesn’t exist,” the teacher concluded.

A clever girl in class asked Mike. “Do you see the teacher? “Yes,” Mike replied. Girl: “Do you see her brain?” Mike: “No.” The girl finally said: “Then according to what we were taught today, she must not have one!” Everybody laughed…except the teacher.

* * *

Science has contributed a lot to humanity. It is, however, limited in its scope because it investigates only the material and empirical. Religion goes much farther because it explores also what’s beyond the limits of the material, that is the spiritual and metaphysical world.

Science is temporal; religion is eternal.


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