We, the oldies, often think that our journey in life has almost come to an end. Yet in our minds, the list of things needed to make our hearts overflow with joy is almost endless.

Coming here to this land (US) which is far from home, we had thought we had finally come to an end of our search for joy.

Here we are showered with dream holidays, comfort in life, shopping, food, parties, picnics, camping and many more. For sometime, these activities gave joy to our hearts as our children gave us things that, they think, would make us happy. Of course, it did make us happy.

But when night comes and we are too restless to sleep, we can’t avoid feeling the twinge of guilt that while we have all these comforts and luxuries, in our hearts we feel only vague satisfaction.

Along the way, there are unexpected moments we experience with so much delight. But all these seem to be incomplete joy.

The satisfaction we gain from our quest fades quickly and becomes just a vague memory, and often our memory even fails us to remember the things that made us happy. This is so because these moments seem only fleeting, and we can never go back in time to relive the happy sensation we had felt.

Sometimes, we ask ourselves: If what we have is not enough, what do we need that will give us complete joy and satisfaction? Do we feel this way because our soul is thirsting for God?

God the Almighty is the joy and satisfaction we have been searching for in our lives. Our relationship with God’s only begotten son, Jesus Christ, is the greatest gift of all.

It is the incomparable gift that He promised, and when we abide by Him, we will experience a fulfillment of joy and satisfaction (John 15:11).

And without that kind of deep, abiding joy, the rest of our life is mundane at best. [box type=”default” size=”large”] Food for thought [/box]“We thank thee, Lord, for daily food. For plenteous store of earthly good; for life and health we still possess. With house and home so richly blessed.” – Mohler


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