complete resurrection of ourselves
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In times when something goes wrong in the family, we ask ourselves, “What have I done? What can I do to straighten out things? What are the things we have to change to have a wholesome family that is full of respect, love and understanding?”

A family may lack material things, but it is happy if the family members have hearts that are overflowing with love. For when there is love, there is respect for one another.

All we need to have is a complete resurrection of ourselves, and this would improve our way of life as we move up everything to Jesus. Change can be attained only if our mind, heart and spirit have resurrected. A resurrected spirit can change everything that went wrong in the past.

Luke (24:25) said, “Your future is brighter than your past.” This bright future could come true only if we discard the bad things that we did in the past for these were the things that destroyed the foundation we have built for our family.

To make our future brighter than our past, it is incumbent upon us to change, and now is the time for us to change our ways. Doing what is right today means no regret tomorrow.[box type=”default” size=”large”] Double celebration [/box]Yes, it was a double celebration of the birthdays of A.J. Espinoza and Ian Antonio. The party was held last April 21 at Jojo and Lalai’s place in Rochester Hills. Among those present were our usual friends who always find time to be with the group at all gatherings.

Thank you guys for being with us in the celebration of the birthdays of our two young men.[box type=”default” size=”large”] Food for thought [/box]*If I can help some wounded heart, if I can be my love impart, some blessings that will help more now – Lord just show me how. – Brant

*God’s faithfulness we’ve known throughout the years, his oneness with us in our joy`s and tears; So many times the Lord has helped us through, Has answered prayers, and given strength anew. – F. Hess

*Lord, take my life and make it holy thine; fill my pour heart with thy great love divine. Take all my will, my passion, self and pride; I now surrender, Lord – in me abide. – Orr


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