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[quote ]Whoever does not accept the Kingdom of God like a child will not enter it. — Mark 10: 13-16[/quote]

The recent visit of His Holiness Pope Francis is the greatest gift Filipinos could have ever received. It is not only a gift to all those in the Philippines, but also to all Filipinos all over the world.

Every smile and every wave by his hands sent gooseflesh that crawled through everyone’s arms, and people could not hold back the tears of joy while they were watching him.

We cannot believe that 2015 is the beginning of a better year for us Filipinos as with the papal blessings, we will bloom spiritually.

The Filipinos are so blessed that our religious belief will forever be stronger and our faith will soar high for He — the shepherd, chosen and sent by His Almighty — came to gather the scattered ships. With the multitude of people seen wherever the Pope went, there is no doubt that Pope Francis’s visit was not in vain, considering the people’s sacrifices shown beginning on Day 1 and ending on the day he left for  Vatican City.

  Many people suffered hunger, inconveniences in joining the crowd and the heat, the strong winds and rain, the people were all able to weather, showing how great their desire was to catch a glimpse of the His Holiness even only for a moment.

For those who were touched, hugged or kissed by him, especially the children, the handicapped, and the lucky typhoon Yolanda and earthquake survivors, it was more than enough to make them feel lucky because they had survived, for they felt that the love of His Holiness was filled by the Holy Spirit.

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Here are some of the words of wisdom and inspiration that Pope Francis said in his homilies and speeches:

  • If you don’t learn to cry, you can’t be a good Christian.
  • Allow yourself to be surprised by God.
  • Sto. Niño tells us that we are all children of God; and therefore, we are all brothers and sisters.
  • Sto. Niño reminds us of our deepest identity of what we are called to be God’s family.
  • Filipinos are called to be outstanding missionaries in Asia.
  • May the Sto. Niño continue to bless the Philippines.

Both Cardinal Tagle and Cardinal Rosales had words of gratitude, saying that the visit of His Holiness brought light to all Filipinos who were in the dark, for he, Pope Francis, is the one who opened the church for those who are lost so their faith could be restored.

For all of us who were left behind by His Holiness, we can only say, “Thank you so much for what you have done for us in your short stay. You have made us whole; we understood what you meant by being merciful, not only in words, but also by deeds.

Your words and your smile we will cherish in our lifetime, and we promise to always pray for your good health. And may you continue to bless all people all over the world and spread love and peace to everyone’s heart.