Food for ThoughtAs much as possible, we would want our life to be a joyful one, but it does not come always the way we want it to be.

In our everyday life, there are times that we feel pain and often we just ignore it until finally it causes deterioration of our mind and body. It is the pain that left a scar in our heart and caused to us damage which is either visible or invisible to the human eye.

Pain is brought to us in many forms, and to me the little tongue that everyone has can cause great things, but it can also spark fires that can cause damage which is sometimes irreparable. This is so because words carry with them the power of healing or the capacity to destroy a man. Its potency is more than that of the bite of a poisonous insect.

As God’s greatest creation, it is essential that we use our words with care and wisdom. Words that come out from our tongue should be carefully chosen, although James 3:8 says that “No man can tame the tongue. It is unruly even, full of deadly poison.”

Proverbs 10:19 says, “He who restrains his lips is wise. And so in taming our tongue we need God’s help, to use as our tongue as instrument of the righteousness to God,Not as instruments of unrighteousness to sin.” (Romans 6:13)[box type=”default” size=”large”] Pride of Calabanga [/box]We would like to extend to Billy Genterola and his family our warmest congratulations for winning the Gold Medal in the food-and-beverage service category of the prestigious National US Skills Championships held in Kansas City, Missouri last June 28.

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Billy, who is is a student at the Oakland Community College, is from Calabanga, Camarines Sur. He lives in Farmington Hills at the house of his aunts Asela Bonot and Corazon B. Nablo and uncle Arnel Nablo.

In bagging the gold medal, our very own Billy beat 34 other contestants who were champions in their respective state.

This is the second time he came out victorious and brought home the bacon the other competitors wished for.

From all of us Bicolanos, kudos and more power to you, Billy.[box type=”default” size=”large”] Food for thought [/box]*To bridle your tongue, give God the reins of your heart. — Anonymous