Filipino Celebration of Christmas
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Just thinking of Christmas brings much joy to everyone’s heart. At the same time, memories come flashing back of what this wonderful time brought to our hearts when we were young.

It was a time when many of us, oldies, were still in the Philippines, anticipating with joy the coming of the birth of Jesus in the company of the members of families whom we loved so much.

In the Philippines, we held the “Media Noche” — which is the highlight of the Christmas celebration — during which we, members of our family and sometimes friends shared food in abundance especially prepared for the occasion. We exchanged gifts, and most importantly, we gave love and joy to one another.

Here in Michigan in this season of great joy, we think of our family members left in our home land. And whatever we have here, we would like to share with them. These are the gifts we received and, most of all, the gesture of love and concerns our children show us here. These are things for which we are thankful to God.

During this most wonderful time of the year, let us all give one another love and peace, and we can do this only if we clean our hearts of the ill feelings and grudges we have been keeping.

Let us all forgive and forget, and happily we say wish everyone a Merry Christmas.[box type=”default” size=”large”] A big day for the Minas [/box]Last Dec. 3, it was John Luke’s fifth birthday celebration, and  Edwin and Tina Minas, his proud and happy parents, together with his grandpa Mang Joe and grandma Naids saw to it that the affair was truly memorable.

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The kids enjoyed dancing and playing games, while all the rest of us enjoyed the abundant and delicious food cooked by Mang Joe.

The food was so abundant that every visitor had to take some home.

Thank you guys, it was a truly awesome affair.