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There are times in the stillness of the night that we come to think that each day we are growing older. With this thought, comes the fear about aging.

As we grow older, we feel that some of our senses are no longer functioning in the way they used to when we were younger. Lingering pains in almost all parts of our body can no longer be ignored.

For those who can afford, they may engage in different kinds of physical-fitness activities or do daily workout or take vitamins to boost their physical health. But in spite of all these, our body keeps ticking away as it continues to degenerate. Preventing this is just trying to stop the wave from reaching the shore.

The truth is, as we grow older, we get physically worse in spite of all the precautions we take.

The fear of aging with all the troubles it causes makes us sometimes paranoid. As we weaken physically, we feel that we are being stripped slowly of all the good things we have. These include beauty, dignity, health and, maybe, wealth.

But don’t worry about aging. Just cling to what Apostle Paul had said: “Even though our outward man is perishing, yet the inward man is being renewed day by day (Cor. 4:16).”

Whether we believe it or not, we can get better with age. Now is the time to be closer to God. It is time for our faith to be grounded on a solid commitment. Being old is not a hindrance, and it’s not too late for us to focus more on our spiritual wellbeing.

Life is difficult, life is too complicated, and so be it. But don’t be afraid of aging. God is good, just be faithful and live in His words and we will be rewarded. Miracles happen for those who believe in Him.

Bear in mind that what God can give us. Our Lord is the giver of life. With Him by our side, we grow younger spiritually every day of our life.[box type=”default” size=”large”] A new friend [/box]Through this column, I would like to express my thanks to Asteria R. Diano, a new friend whom my husband and I met at Dr. Ernie Delos Santos Mac’s house when she invited us for a dinner last Dec. 7.

Aster, as she wants to be called, was excited to meet me because she is an avid reader of this column. She was all praises for our writings, and she even told me that she has clippings of all my articles.

I was elated by all the kind and nice words I heard from a fellow Bicolana. Her words now inspire me to make my work much better.

Aster, I know you worry so much about your brother Pepe. Just tell him to pray, pray and pray until God hears him for He will do miracles to those who believe in Him.[box type=”default” size=”large”] Food for thought [/box]Although our outwards shell decays, we can still be renewed each day; commitment to God’s word and prayer gives strength that will not fade away. – Sper