PACCM Hula Dancers
PACCM Hula Dancers

There are times in our life that although we have already been enjoying the company of our new friends here in the US, we still long to meet some of our countrymen, who have the chance to travel here and visit us. But to meet a townmate who at a young age is making a name in the literary world is a bonus.

To my husband Roman and I, that lucky day came when Dr. Ernestina de los Santos Mac, a fellow Irigueño, invited us for a dinner get-together last November 2 at the Philippine American Community Center of Michigan.

The affair was tendered by Doctor Ernie, as she is popularly called here in Michigan, for Kristian Sendon Cordero, a native of Iriga who was one of 80 scholar delegates from all over the world who attended a recent four-day conference on Philippine studies at the Michigan State University.

We, Irigueños, were proud of Kristian, who was one of the 50 Filipino delegates and the sole representative of the Bicolanos at the international conference.

All of us present at the get-together were entertained when Kristian  read to us his poems in Bicol and later translated them in English for the benefit of the non-Bicolano guests.

The poems were so beautifully written that memories of our childhood came flashing back. His poems were about things we were familiar with and had experienced.

It was indeed a wonderful evening, and we would like to thank Doctor Ernie for inviting us to the event that comes rarely in our life.

Doctor Ernie, who made the visit of Kristian a truly memorable one, deserves all the respect and admiration from the Filipino community. Mabuhay po kayo, Doctora.[box type=”default” size=”large”] At 40, what lies ahead [/box]Some say that life begins at 40, and if it is so, life for Percy Antonio has just begun. Percy marked last November 3 his 40th birthday with a handful of his friends at their residence in Belleville.

On behalf of the guests, we would like to thank his first lady Riza, their two kids Ian and Abby and his supportive parents Mang Tony and Beth for the sumptuous dinner we partook.

Through 40 years, Percy, you have accomplished much and befriended many. May you have many more happy birthdays to come.[box type=”default” size=”large”] Food for thought [/box]*Service done in Jesus’ name lasts for all eternity; for God’s spirit does the work, using folks like you and me. – D. De Haan

*Our life can be so very busy that we have no time for friends; but we must spend more time with Jesus, for His friendship never ends. — Fitzhugh