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[quote style=”boxed” ]Forgive us, Lord, for failures past, then help us start anew with strength and courage to obey. And closely follow you. — Sper[/quote]

Gone is the year when we silently promised to do things that — in the eyes of our Creator— would be pleasing and make Him joyous, yet in spite of our determination and eagerness to do what is good, we often failed. It is because the temptation to do wrong is too strong to overcome.

So this year, once again we put aside our past failures, disappointments and regrets for these are of no use to us.

So, Lord, once again we pray and ask for the Holy Spirit to make us new people, to forget the past and work towards what lies ahead. In your hands, we entrust our hopes and dreams for this year. As we stand on the threshold of another year, make us stronger so that we can be successful in all the good deeds we have to do.

In doing all the good things this time, let us not forget to look back for it will help us in growing up, changing our ways and doing better. Put aside the baggage we have been carrying that did not turn out to be the best. The weights we have been carrying will only deter and limit what we want to do in the present.

Our baggage will always be a part of us, so once in a while, when in doubt, look inside it, for in there we will be more determined to do what is best for everyone.

As David Macland said, “With confidence in God, we can look back and look ahead, then walk boldly into a new year.”

Happy New Year to one and all, especially to our loved ones in the Philippines.

[box type=”default” size=”large”] Food for thought [/box]

[quote ]The victories of the past give courage to the future. — Anonymous[/quote]

[quote ]When you’re passing through the waters of deep sorrow and despair and you get no help from the others, just remember, Christ is there. — Elliot[/quote]

[quote ]So many gods have come and gone. Gods of earth, of sky, and of sea; But God the creator alone will stand tests of time and eternity. — Carbough.[/quote]


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