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As president of this great organization, the FILAMCCO, I have no choice but to respond to an uncharacteristic letter from one of our Filipino leaders, Dr. Ernestina Mac.

This is more than what we would have anticipated. This has come as a result of an internal audit I had requested due to discovery of unauthorized use of two FILAMCCO debit cards with unauthorized issuance and charges (it was used in a Las Vegas Mirage a Hotel and Casino, ATM withdrawal, purchasing on line without approval, etc). The audit reports have ONLY BALANCED from the previous financial reports through a specified period of time covering this period of discovered discrepancies; and NOT TO UNCOVER EACH OF THE TRANSACTIONS. Unfortunately, if we need to deal with more detailed audit covering checks, etc, it would be necessary to conduct a FORENSIC AUDIT, which I do not feel it is warranted at the moment. I have called all former Presidents’ participation and advice.

My main objective was to have the individual responsible for these errors, acts and omissions (asnoted in our audit report). And now that he has resigned voluntarily, I urge everyone to start a fresh look at the future by moving on.

Thank God, many of our executive officers are OPEN MINDED, looking honestly for the truth. Theyare ready to assist in uncovering and resolving problems to create a far more transparent and by-laws- compliant organization.

However, there are consequences that have come about after Treasurer Art Orzame’s resignation. These include the following:

  • Immediate Board of Directors division of his friends who are still in the BOARD and from those looking to correct the problems. The faction from his side is resisting every positive move by the Board (e.g. not attending meetings so there will not be a quorum).
  • Having FAST D (younger generation involved in the sport”) of which he is a member and “legal counsel” resigned as a member organization of FILAMCCO.
  • Proceeding with the implementation of policies and procedures for more transparency and accountability.
  • Proceeding with the move to amend the BYLAWS (which is scheduled for Ratification at the next Annual Assembly Meeting on December 13, 2014 starting at 10:00 PACCM. We urge all our 62 plus Member Organizations to come and be heard. We will have an Open Forum at this meeting.
  • Proceeding with the implementation of a decision to create a Financial Committee to oversee all FILAMCCO’s Events.
  • Dr Ernie Mac’s reaction in her letter. Doctor Mac is not a current member of the board and perhaps she might not have a complete account of everything that had happened internally. She is the current president of FILAMCCO FOUNDATION.

It would appear that a more serious concern has now surfaced. This is about the IRS issue which first came to my attention on October 11, 2014. According to the former treasurer’s letter dated Oct. 15 to our new treasurer, it has been a nagging problem known only by him and few others that are associated, and that this was totally hidden, not dealt with over the years.

So now, first and foremost, we should deal with the IRS fiscal responsibility problem while we can, and as president of this great Umbrella Organization, I promise to do my very best to deal with this issue. I will not be deterred by any distractions as I made an oath to be truthful and do my best to do my job.

We will not “sweep anything under the rug” regardless of how painful it is to anyone. I need you all to work with me because this is a team-work effort, and together as ONE VOICE, WE CAN DO IT AND FILAMCCO IS SAVED no matter how difficult in this time of challenges.

Finally, as a reminder, there’s an excellent excerpt coming from one of the current Board Member in the midst of this trial. We can all learn a lot from him. 

I have great respect for the leaders and elders of our community. I just wish we can have an exchange of ideas in more civil and polite way.

We should be cognizant that all we do is for the benefit and well being of community and should avoid, if not minimize, scandalizing it.

Let me take this opportunity to invite everyone to attend the FILAMCCO’s biggest yearly event — the RIZAL DAY to be held at the prestigious COBO HALL with LIVE BAND and DJ (both donated). Cost is $50.00 per person. The event committee is chaired by Rene Lansanas, president of Kapatiran sa Michigan which is a FILAMCCO member-organization, and co-chaired by Wilmar Suan. Formal invitations will be sent out via emails and other media means.

God Bless and Thank You,

Imelda Hum

President, FILAMCCO


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