Filipino Community
Cartoon by Roni Santiago

Hope springs from every beginning.

As a result of the recent election of the new FILAMCCO (Filipino American Community Council) officers and members of the board of directors, a new beginning has dawned upon the Filipino American community in Michigan.

From this new start arises hope for a harmonious relationship among the officers and directors. With the expectedly good rapport, it is hoped that FILAMCCO will be able to manage well the community’s affairs in the next two years and undertake more programs and projects that benefit the whole community.

It is a given that for FILAMCCO to be able to accomplish its mission, there should be harmonious, friendly relationship among the officers. Otherwise, it would be mired in controversies which would not only be counter-productive but also disruptive of the peace and quiet of the community.   

It is encouraging to note a promise made by incoming FILAMCCO President Ryan Rosario when he delivered his brief campaign speech. He said, “There will be no infighting in the FILAMCCO board.”

It is recalled that in the past months, the outgoing FILAMCCO leadership was rocked by disputes that divided FILAMCCO’s board into factions. And this factionalism was still palpable during the recent election.

We believe that the primary goal of the new leadership should be reconciliation, a word which is easier said than done. But it could be done.

First, the new leadership should reach out to groups that were irked no end by the infighting and convince them of the urgent need to work together for the best interests of the community. This requires skills in diplomacy and public relations, but we would like to believe the new officers have such skills.

It is likewise important for the officers to show sincerity, humility and magnanimity. We are aware that some of them are victims of innuendos and subterfuge. But because they are the leaders, they should lead the way: They should forgive and forget. They should always remember that we are brothers and sisters.

They should ignore their basic instinct of striking back against those who uttered words that cast aspersions on their reputation as leaders. We believe that those nasty words were said in the heat of the moment, and the people who said so do no really mean what they had said.

It is heart-warming to see a photo showing PACCM President Becky Tungol and outgoing FILAMCCO President Imelda Hum hugging each other shortly after the election. During the meeting that preceded the election, Tungol and Hum figured in a tense, acrimonious discussion on the case of FILAMCCO’s missing $5,000 donation to PACCM.   

With this kind of sportsmanship and camaraderie displayed by the two leaders, there is hope for a better future of the Filipino community.

Mabuhay to the outgoing and incoming FILAMCCO officers!