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Why do I use ranting in the title of this piece? Maybe it’s because I am saying something one doesn’t want to hear. Why do I use madman? Again maybe I am giving a perception that one wishes to disregard.

Why do you choose to disregard this perception? All I can say is to look in the mirror and ask yourself. If I can be labeled a madman or lunatic then you can dismiss whatever I say as “Oh he’s just crazy.” If I say something that doesn’t appeal to someone and they wish to dismiss it then they can simply say that these are the rants of a madman. If I cause you to think about as such, ask yourself why?

I read a fine article here in this paper about the blending of Filipino and American culture. As a Filipino or Filipina, some of this American culture may seem confusing to you. It is my hope to bridge the gaps in understanding.

As an American married a Filipina, I chose to adapt. As an American, I saw elements that clash and seekt understanding. In that clash, I had a choice. Either continue to clash or to seek to see it through another person’s eyes. To defend my perception and, therefore, become defensive is always self destructive. To become defensive in a relationship is never a good thing. I seek to grow and understand on a deeper level. We both sought to understand the other.

It is also not a good thing to be on the offensive. Being offensive has numerous meanings. Offensive can mean going on an attack as an aggression towards another. It can mean something else, too. Offensive can mean so much more. A few good dictionaries might help.

At this point let me go back to the title. There may be other articles coming that may seem offensive or “not nice.” Is the intention to be mean or is it to give pause and reflect? No, it is not meant to be mean. Is it mean because I ask of things that we seek to avoid? Perhaps I am speaking of things that we may choose to run away and hide from.

So what exactly am I getting at here? I began the idea but without specifics. Shall we go on? I will if you will. Should I tell you what to believe? No. Should someone else tell you what to believe? Well they can try. Should we refuse to listen to another? Hmmm, this has numerous levels. Now, should we try to ignore what another is saying because we don’t want to think about what we are being asked to think about? Ouch!!!

Can you stand in front of the mirror and just look at yourself? Stand in front of that mirror and just look into your own eyes? No one is there and no one can see you….but you. Try it but do it for five minutes or 10 minutes. What do you see? Look deeply into your eyes. It has been said that the eyes are the window to your soul.

Oh my, I’m running out of space here in this article. Till next time?