FILAMCCO election and officers

The Filipino-American Community Council (FILAMCCO), the umbrella organization of some 60 Filipino-American groups in Michigan, will hold its biannual (once every two years) election on Nov. 12, 2011.

The election is a chance for the community to pick members of the FILAMCCO board of directors who will be serving for two years. The elected directors will elect from among themselves the new set of officers.

As of Nov. 5, 2011, at least 20 people had already filled out election forms, and they are now running as candidates for directors. By doing so, they manifest their intention to work for the collective welfare of Filipino-Americans in Michigan who now number some 26,000 (according to the 2011 US census).

While we laud these candidates for their intention to serve the community, we also take note of the performance records of several outgoing FILAMCCO directors.

There is much to be desired in their performance. In fact, some have no performance at all to speak of. Several attended meetings only once or twice, and some did not attend any meeting.

There are directors who are strangers to people regularly visiting the Philippine American Community Center (PACCM), where the FILAMMCO holds office, because they have not shown their faces there since they were elected. We suspect these guys do not even know where the rest rooms are.

We note, though, that this dismal record of some FILAMCCO directors is duplicated by several board directors of PACCM.

On record, there are 29 PACCM directors, but during PACCM affairs, we can count with our fingers the number of directors and officers who are doing what should be done.  Preparing for big events such as the annual Fitness and Wellness Fair and Valentine’s Party is not an easy task.

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And we understand the disappointment of the few officers doing the herculean task when they grumble and say, “Where are the other PACCM officers and directors?”

Where are they? This question gains importance as the answer should be made the basis for the decision on who should be elected officers and directors of FILAMCCO.

The community badly needs officers who have keen sense of responsibility and high level of commitment and enthusiasm. These were the traits of past FILAMCCO and PACCM officers who were credited for the construction of the PACCM building. They had the burning passion to serve voluntarily their fellow Filipinos.

This is the kind of spirit that can build better facilities for the community.
In Toronto, Canada, the Armenians have built a community center complete with a worship area, gymnasium, museum, library, cafeteria, etc.

We can have similar facilities if all FILAMCCO and PACCM officers work hard together. By working really hard, they can inspire others into joining them in taking collective actions for the benefit of everybody.