Happy Birthday Filipino Star News

The Filipino Star News (FSN) is now two years old. This issue — Volume 3, No. 1 – is the first in our third year of operations.

There were times in the past that we thought of halting the publication. Ad revenues could hardly cover operational expenses, particularly the high printing cost, and this discouraged us.

Had it not been for the words of encouragement by our friends in the Philippine Chamber of Commerce-Michigan, we would have shut down FSN.

Since recently, however, more and more business people have found out that the FSN is an effective medium to promote their products and services. As a result, we now have more ads, and our financial operation has improved a bit.

One reason that keeps us going is our avowed mission to serve the information needs of the Filipino-American community.

Filipino Star News Anniversary

Some readers have cited the importance of keeping them well informed of what is going on in the community and in our homeland. Through FSN, they said, they now know their community leaders, the various Filipino-American organizations and the different events held in the Great Lakes State.

As an example, we cite the case of the Philippine-American Community Center of Michigan (PACCM). When our maiden issue was published on Dec. 15, 2009, many people did not know its location and its programs. Today, PACCM is an institution very popular in the community.

Aside from our mission of informing our public, we also endeavor to inspire people into doing their best so they can scale great heights of success. We do this by publishing articles about successful Filipino-Americans.

In pursuing our mission, we are encouraged by favorable readers’ comments.  We appreciate the praises, but at the same time, the heart-warming remarks make us aware of our mistakes that since lately have come with annoying regularity.

One egregious error is the headline of the news story on the annual celebration of Rizal Day. The story came out in the Dec. 1-15, 2011 issue. The date in the headline, Dec. 27, is wrong; it should have been Dec. 17. We are sorry for the confusion it had caused to our readers.

We know that we are not perfect. But this does not mean that we stop aiming at perfection. As we start our third year of publication, we promise to do a better proofreading job. To prevent us from literally sleeping on the job, we ask our readers to help us by bringing our errors to our attention.

Despite the problems we encountered though, we are elated to realize that FSN is now two years old. And our advertisers have helped us a lot in continuing our mission of bringing the news to the community.

To our advertisers, we doff our hat.


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