Vance Hum - Top American CEO - China
Vance Hum

Businessman Vance Hum, president and chief executive officer (CEO) of the I.M. Systems Group, Inc. (MISG), is one of 25 American CEOs chosen to travel with President Trump to China on Nov. 8-9, 2017 to negotiate and/or sign business deals with their Chinese counterparts.

President Trump and US Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross will lead the trade mission whose principal objective is to bring back jobs and dollars to the US – two of the things Trump promised during the presidential campaign.

Vice-Chairman APEC

Hum currently serves as vice chair of an APEC (Asian Pacific Economic Coordinator, a group composed of 21 economies) sub-group for policy partnership in science and technology innovation.

Hum, husband of former FILAMCCO president Imelda Martin-Hum, said that during the mission, he will negotiate with Chinese government representatives on the expansion of IMSG’s air-safety aviation business with the end in view of providing services to all of China’s 240 airports.

He said IMSG is a pioneer in aviation safety and efficiency. Hum manages the National Weather Environment Prediction Center which has 125 employee-scientists, all meteorologists, whose task is to gather and analyze data on the weather and environment.

Their analysis reports are then sent to MISG’s clients which are mostly airports in China, the United States, Vietnam, Africa and the Philippines. Their reports serve as guide for airport personnel to ensure aviation safety. Their reports are also sent to the Weather Channel.

IMSG and China Contract

Hum said that at present, IMSG has an existing contract with China but the contract covers only several airports. He recalled that in 2014, he held an initial talk with the Chinese minister of commerce regarding his company’s plan to expand its business in China.

Hum said his company’s activities are focused on “less flight delays, better safety programs and improving profitability of its clients.” He reported that IMSG had helped in the establishment of the Transportation Service Administration (TSA).

He commented that US airports have the edge over other airports in the world because of the advanced technologies they are using. He noted that airport instruments in the Philippines are in bad condition and that there’s an urgent need to improve them.