The University of the Philippines Alumni Association of Michigan (UPAAM) will present an admission-free lecture on “scams in mails, phone mails, emails and online and how to avoid them” on Nov. 4, 2017 at 2-4 p.m. in the Philippine American Cultural Center of Michigan (PACCM) at 17356 Northland Park Ct., Southfield.

Anita Sodawalla, UPAAM president, said that the lecturer will be a representative of the Michigan Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Division.

Online Scams

UPAAM noted research findings that online scams and other forms of fraudulent schemes can happen in chat rooms, social media, messaging or texting, or websites and with the use of Iphones or emails. Fraudulent solicitations are getting more prevalent and popular, and so people should be alerted about the activities of scammers.

UPAAM believes in protecting the public from scammers. It says that the lecture is designed “to help you make wise consumer decisions and to protect yourself and your loved ones from scams and identity theft.”

Sodawalla said, “We encourage you to come to learn the telltale signs of scams prevalent in phone calls, mails, emails and texts and to know the steps to avoid being victimized.”

For further information, interested individuals or parties are asked tp communicate with any one of the following: A. Ann Tai, [email protected], 734-459-1381; Eden F. Alfaro, 586-979-2032, [email protected]; and Anita B. Sodawalla, 586-344-6864, [email protected]