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[quote style=”boxed” ]It is its way of giving back to Fil-Am community[/quote]
Jaya Travel and Tour’s corporate philosophy “has always been to give back to the community,” and in pursuance of this philosophy, the travel agency headquartered in Detroit has donated $6,135 to the fund-raising drive launched by Filamcco Foundation for the victims of typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) in the Philippines. In terms of the amount ($6,135) contributed, Jaya Travel is the second biggest donor to Filamcco Foundation’s fund drive. The community to which Jaya Travel is giving back is the Filipino-American community in Michigan, which is a growing market for its services. In an email sent to Ryan Rosario, immediate past president of the Filipino-American Community Council (FILAMCCO), Jenna Parks, an executive of Jaya Travel and Tour, stated that in the past few years, Jaya Travel has focused its attention on the Philippine market. “We have dedicated agents who are not only well versed in the region but are able to speak Filipino. The amount of business being conducted allowed us to expand our reach to the Filipino community,” Parks said. She also stated that in support of the relief efforts for the typhoon victims in the Philippines, Jaya Travel set aside $5 from the sale of every roundtrip ticket it issued for the US-Manila flight. This enabled it to raise the $6,135 it donated to the typhoon victims through the Filamcco Foundation. “Jaya Travel is proud to be able to offer charitable contributions whenever possible. The continued support of our customers made this possible,” Parks said. Jaya Travel and Tour’s business with the Filipino community has been enhanced since January 2010 when it employed Filipino-American Jhoanna delos Reyes. In October 2012, Delos Reyes was assigned “to handle the growing Manila market.” Parks said that “when Delos Reyes arrived at the company, she was the only Filipina in the office.” She quoted Delos Reyes as saying, “Jaya Travel was very supportive and welcoming to me. They also encouraged me to grow the Manila market.” Jaya Travel and Tour’s “mission is to provide quick, exclusive services and products to our customers. It is a full-service leisure travel agency offering cruises, packages, car, hotel, tours and flights.” Founded in 1974, Jaya Travel is headquartered in Detroit with branch offices across the US. It also has offices in Toronto (Canada), Manila and Mumbai (India) that help facilitate the international travel of its customers. Jaya Travel was founded by Mr. Arvin and Jaya Shah in 1974.  Shah is very active in local community affairs. He and Jaya are lifetime members of many prominent community organizations in Detroit. Raj Patel, vice president and one of the owners of Jaya Travel, has been with the company since 1981.


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