arnisThere’s a bigger picture, if you will, and it is drawn from live testimonies. In a Machiavellian environment, weaker citizens are likely to be taken lightly.

Assault cases in law-enforcement archives raise concern about this matter. We are addressing this issue as extremely difficult circumstances can happen anytime, anywhere.

I recall an incident that happened in my hometown in the Philippines decades ago when our priest, who was noted for his obstinate passion for debates, lost on moral grounds.

A stickler for the scriptures, the priest was also known as a boxing aficionado. I could still recall a picture of Joe Louis hanging in his room and a light speed bag in the backyard swaying with the coastal breeze.

Perhaps that was the only thing he needed. He was never seen walking in expensive, brand-named jeans. Perhaps he was the man the town needed — a strong spiritual leader. The man was capable of defending the faith. Piously he did.

And he supplemented this stanch with combination of jabs, hooks, and uppercuts. Gracefully, he threw the punches into the air while speaking, and before his underrated opponent who seemed unable to tell the difference between a tickle and a TKO. Instead of putting up a fight, the man walked away in a heartbeat.

It was not cowardice because what the man did was right. Distancing oneself from a senseless confrontation indicates  bravery in action. At 93 years of age, the man was admirable.

Little did townsfolk know that they witnessed a subtle doing of a well-disciplined “eskrimador” in the face of a challenge by a well-meaning padre. That indicates integrity. It tells us what has to be done in an intimidating arena of smoking guns.

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One doesn’t have to pick up a fight to be a champion. Take note of Adam Makos’ (author of ‘A Higher Call’), statement, “Good men can be found on both sides of a bad war.” This nugget of wisdom is comfortably anchored on the lap of observable truth.

There’s nothing wrong with the issue over old dog learning new tricks. Absolutely, it is not tantamount to running in a place to get there.

With timing and fluidity, the old dog swims to the other side of river going vigorously for the catch. It becomes a hunting dog with learned effectiveness in every calculated bite. It is much like a situation in which a cobra which is ready to strike and spit but is instantly bitten by a mongoose that eventually munches the cobra’s head.

With due respect, mongoose tropic, which is an ortsak grafting, is just as good as any other predator. The edge is gained in how one absorbs the principles of life conservancy and how one adheres to it.

Although influenced by science and the law of physics, this has nothing to do with the speed of light. Perseverance and integrity like those of calm creatures continue to be the more essential models in our lives.

Outside the box, opting for this veritable alternative is a balanced act. It behooves upon us to blend with the landscapes so that our reflex becomes less predictable and more to our advantage.

Feel good the way you are while you have a surprise package in your sleeve that nobody can take away. What you don’t know now, you will.