Benigno Aquino III
Image source: Internet

President Benigno Aquino III said he will seek US accreditation of Philippine hospitals so Filipino-Americans can use their medical insurance in paying medical services in the Philippines.

Aquino is scheduled to meet with US President Barack Obama next June. “You can count on my requesting him again for a consideration of accrediting more of our facilities,” Aquino said in a recent open forum  participated in by foreign chambers of commerce and other leaders of the business sector.

The President told the forum he discussed with “the highest levels of the US government,” including US congressmen and senators who recently visited the Philippines, how constraints posed by US law on accrediting Philippine hospitals may be resolved.

“There are invitations to talk with them again when we visit the United States of America, so I will be sure to request for that liberalizing of the facilities for the retirees,” he added.

Some American retirees from Guam were authorized to seek medical treatment in the Philippines, Aquino noted. “But we want to expand that,” he said. (VS/KG, GMA News)