Noodle-cooking ContestA committee chaired by Billie G. Belen announced the winners in the noodle-cooking contest during a program highlighting the Kalayaan Picnic held last June 8.

The winners in the main entrée category are Melly Grafilo, first place; Nieves Reginaldo, second place; and Vicky Atillo, third place.

Grafilo’s entry was “Miki Mix Noodle.” The ingredients were quail eggs, fish balls, tufo, vegetables and noodle.

The ingredients of Reginaldo’s entry called “Ramen Noodle Salad” were ramen noodle, cabbage, sesame seeds, almond, green onions, olive oil and vinegar.

The ingredients of Atillo’s entry called “Sotanghon Medley” were sotanghon, eggs, noodle, vegetables, chicken, shrimps, onions, garlic, red and green pepper, carrots, black mushrooms, celery, parsley and salt.

In the soup category, Van Ong garnered the first prize. He received a Saladmaster bowl worth $150.

The first prize in the main entry category, a Salad Master rice cooker worth $900, and the first prize in the soup category were donated by Saladmaster DiDirect Dealer Resty Teodoro.

The other prizes were donated by Fuji Buffet owner Ricky Dong.