Lanao Special Elections / May 27, 2007

MANILA, Philippines — Former Comelec Chairman Benjamin Abalos denied Thursday allegations of Lintang Bidol that cheating happened during the Maguindanao elections in 2007.

Abalos said that he does not know what cheating Bedol was talking about. But he mentioned that there was no election held in the country where there was no cheating involved. He added that there were anomalies at the time the reported cheating happened.

He also said that he never went to Maguindanao during the 2007 elections but assigned then-Commissioner Nicodemo Ferrer to check the alleged anomalies in the area. Ferrer said that there was no authentication of documents that happened back then.

“Bedol actually wasn’t able to present any document to the National Board of Canvassers that is why we had to go to General Santos back then to check what’s going on. According to him, the (official) documents went missing. Because of that, he was charged of infidelity in the custody of public documents by the commission,” Ferrer said.

Abalos and Ferrer said that they never authenticated any document that came from Maguindanao and all documents that were presented to them by Bedol were brought to Manila. Both of them also challenged Bedol to be true to himself.

“What we must look at here is the motive of this person. Bakit ngayon lang siya lumabas?” Abalos said.


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