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MANILA – She’s sorry for calling some senators “hypocrites,” although she was just expressing her honest opinion and she believes the Senate “stinks.”

Lawyer Jessica “Gigi” Reyes issued recently the public apology to the concerned senators, as she confirmed that her resignation as chief of staff of Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile was truly irrevocable.

She also disclosed that among her reasons for quitting was Enrile’s rejection of her advice to tender his irrevocable resignation as Senate chief amid criticism of his disbursement of the chamber’s funds.

Reyes said she gave the advice when she noted that only a handful of senators came out to clarify and explain the funding process.

The Senate President declared his position vacant last Jan. 21 but received a vote of confidence from 11 of his colleagues, with two abstaining and several absent.

“I profusely apologize to the Honorable Senator and Minority Floor Leader Alan Peter Cayetano for my disrespectful and offensive statements and overbearing tenor as I was interviewed on dzMM Teleradyo last Jan. 21,” Reyes said in a statement released to media.

She apologized for calling Cayetano by his first name, and for her presence at Senate caucuses and the senators’ lounge.

“More importantly, I committed a serious ethical breach in making the remark: ‘They are hypocrites.’ I am sorry that I was driven by my emotional state,” she said.

Reyes described her remark as “my own spontaneous reaction” as she reiterated that she found Cayetano’s criticism of the fund releases “very puzzling and yes, hypocritical.”

“I really ought to have kept that feeling to myself,” Reyes said. “My resignation is but proper because of the rightful indignation of Senator Cayetano and perhaps some of the other senators. I had no right to speak ill of any senator while I served in the Senate.”

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While she was often teased as the “25th senator,” she said, “I never once thought of myself as their equal. I was carried away by my emotions and for that, I sincerely apologize to Senator Alan Cayetano, to the rest of the senators, and the listening public whose sensibilities I had offended.”

Enrile said he was trying to persuade Reyes to revoke her resignation, as he denied speculation that they were having an affair.

Reyes explained that her resignation “is also due to an honest difference of opinion with my principal on how to respond to all these mad and baseless accusations of public fund misuse.” (Philippine Star)