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[box type=”default” size=”large”] NaFFAA extends sympathies to family of Doctor Umanos[/box]

One of the three American doctors killed last April 24 in Kabul, Afghanistan was a Filipino-American.

Dr. Jerry Umanos, a Filipino-American volunteer from Chicago, and the two other doctors were gunned down when a security guard opened fire at the Cure International Hospital in western Kabul.

Doctor Umanos is a son of Filipino-American Romeo Oridello Umanos and Susanna Mamuyac Umanos who had lived in Michigan. They moved to Florida after they retired. The doctor is a first cousin of Mrs. Mary Joy Mamuyac-Jaramillo of Livonia, Michigan.

Doctor Umanos, who had been a pediatrician in inner-city Chicago for 16 years, was among 30 staff members of the Lawndale Christian Health Center sent to Kabul nine years ago to work in a health center for women and children. He was a graduate of the Wayne State University.

His wife Jan is a special needs teacher for Chicago Public Schools. She  moved  Kabul together with her husband a few years ago. One of their sons is a police officer in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Meanwhile, the National Federation of Filipino American Associations (NaFFAA) extended its condolences to the family of Umanos.     

In a statement, NaFFAA National Chairman Ed Navarra said, “We are deeply saddened by the untimely and tragic death of Dr. Jerry Umanos. We extend our profound sympathies to his wife Jan and their three children. Doctor Umanos risked his life in serving the people he loved. But instead of running away from danger to save himself, he chose instead to stay so he can continue to save the lives of others. His selfless dedication to duty is a source of pride and inspiration for our community.”

Umanos was walking out of the hospital in Kabul, where he had served since 2005, when  he was shot. 

His wife, Jan, said, “Jerry always wanted to serve under-served populations. Afghanistan was just one of them. He always had a desire to be the hands and feet of Christ. He had a love and commitment that he expressed for the Afghan people because of that love for Christ. He saw the need. He went, as did I for several years. And that need continues.”

.“Dr. Jerry Umanos was a proud Chicagoan and an American hero who sacrificed his own life to save others,” Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel said in a statement. “His senseless killing while on a humanitarian mission in Afghanistan has left a deep wound on our entire city.

“He was a talented pediatrician, a loving husband, and a respected leader at the Lawndale Community Church who spent more than a decade training fellow doctors and treating some of the world’s most needy. He embodied the very best of Chicago and on behalf of the entire city, I send my deepest condolences to his family, friends, and entire community.”