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[quote style=”boxed” ]“Ask and you will be given.”[/quote]

The Filipino-American community was asked to contribute $2,000 to pay off the balance in the payment of the funeral service for a deceased Filipino-American mother, and, in just two days, the money needed was collected.

The deceased was Teresa Aguilon Miller, 50 years old, mother of three. A native of Babatngon, Leyte, she passed away on Feb. 19, 2013. Her children did not have money for the funeral service and were desperately in need of help.[box type=”default” size=”large”] Money needed to pay funeral service collected in 2 days [/box]The spontaneous response to the appeal for help was simply astonishing. It speaks volumes about the compassionate nature of many Filipinos in Michigan: They heard an appeal for help, and their heart bled.

It started with an email sent to members of the Filipino-American community by Dina Keeling, treasurer of Ang Bisaya of Michigan.

Keeling’s email stated: “An old friend of a friend contacted me that this person, a fellow Filipina (Waray-Waray) from Leyte, needed financial help for burial. It cost $2,800, and the balance is $2,000. The family does not have any money, and they desperately needed donations. Any amount is very much appreciated. Who else is going to help a ‘kapwa’ (fellow) Filipino?”

Among those who received the email were Billie Belen, Tony Kho and Becky Tungol.

NANAY (Michigan chapter) headed by Becky Tungol immediately launched a fund drive to raise the money needed. Tony Kho blast-emailed NANAY’s appeal for contributions to Filipinos who are members of the Philippine American Community Center (PACCM).

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And the donations literally poured in. In just two days, some $2,300 was collected. Last Sunday (March 10), Kho received one more check as donation.

Kho said the $2,000 will be given to the James Cole Funeral Home in Detroit  and remaining amount will be used to transport the urn containing the ashes to Leyte and pay the utility bills of the family. If there is still some amount left, it will be given to the deceased’s 18-year-old child who is still studying, Kho said.

The children were still grieving over the loss of their beloved mom, but the gesture of compassion by the kind-hearts who helped them had somehow eased their grief.