Michelle Liu1. State you personal circumstances – full name, age, place of residence, school if still studying (company if already employed), number of siblings, place of birth and names of parents.

My name is Michelle Liu. I live in Rochester, Michigan. I am studying at the International Academy Central (High School). I have one older brother. My mother is Xiaoling (Charlene) Mo; and my father, Huiyao (Johnny) Liu

2. How surprised were you when you heard your name as the winner in the pageant? Describe the day after you won the Miss Asia title?

On the stage during the awards ceremony, I had internally influenced myself to believe that I wouldn’t win. After all, there were so many other amazing candidates, and all their performances had been astounding and magnificent. When Mr. Willie Dechavez was speaking on the responsibilities and the honor of the new pageant winner, I imagined someone else with a new crown and thought of all of my fellow candidates. I truly believed that all the other candidates had done so well, and I couldn’t possibly receive the honor.

With this thought in mind, I was ready to start clapping for the new Miss Asia of Michigan. So when Mr. Willie Dechavez finally announced the winner, I was in shock for a few seconds until I realized that the name he called was Michelle Liu. My heart stopped, and before I knew it, I had a tremendous smile on my face. After that, I experienced a multitude of emotions throughout the end of the pageant. Happiness from winning such an honorable title, gratefulness for the organizers, judges, friends and family that had come to cheer for me, and pride for the Asian community to establish such a fantastic pageant.

The day after the pageant was filled with the afterglow of the victory. I was especially joyful that my parents were proud of me, and the work that I put into pageant had paid off. To celebrate, we went to eat out that night, and if I’m being truly honest, I did eat quite a lot of desserts.

3. Did your parents migrate to the US? Where in China did they come from? What are their professions or where do they work?

My parents’ immigration to the US is something I am quite proud of. My father came from a small agricultural village in South China. Through his hard work and tenacity, he was able to make it into one of the top schools in China, the Beijing Aeronautics and Astronautics University. There he met my mother who attended Beijing Normal University, the most prestigious university for teaching. Then they decided to move to America in the search of a better life. Coming to America with little money, my parents had to toil immensely in order to get where they are today.

Currently, my father is supply chain engineer at Bosch, and my mother is an IT director for a federal government agency.

4. If you were born in China, where?

I was not born in China, but rather in Beaumont Hospital in Michigan.

5. Have you been to China or any country in Asia? If so, what’s your impression about that country and its culture?

I absolutely love the culture in China; I have been there twice. Chinese culture has so many different facets, which must be expected from such a long-standing empire. The cultural history of China is something quite memorable; traditions that have stood the test of time are fascinating and beautiful. It is a remnant of life from the past. Yet, China’s culture has developed and transformed into a unique culture through various events in history and the globalization of the market. China is a fusion of its long past and the world today, and that is what is so appealing about China.

6. Do you eat Asian food? If so, what Asian dish (or dishes) is your favorite?

Yes! I eat Asian food almost everyday from my mother’s impressive cooking. For my favorite, I think I have to go with the classic dumplings. They have a variety of flavors, eaten at multiple occasions, and are simply a cornerstone at Chinese restaurants.

7. What do you want to be in the future?

In the future, I want to change the world through my own innovation and technology. Every minute of everyday, the world is changing through the implementation of technology. New science improves the lives of many. I want to be apart of this fast-growing world and establish my own breakthroughs to transform and help others all around the world by becoming a computer scientist.

8. How would you define beauty?

I believe beauty is subjective, as it’s in the eye of the beholder. As long as you feel comfortable with yourself, then that is truly beauty. Confidence is beauty.

9. What is your stand on the abortion issue? Are you pro-life?

Unfortunately, I do not truly understand the multitude of implications of abortion in order to have a fully completed answer. I do believe that all life is valuable, yet women should have freedom as well and both should be considered when dealing with the issue.

10. What do you think is the role of Miss Asia of Michigan in the Asian community?

I believe that the role of Miss Asia of Michigan is to strengthen the Asian community by increasing public awareness of issues of the Asian community, benefiting the entire community through promotion of my advocacy, working to improve relations among Asians and others everywhere both locally and globally, and establishing a philosophy of equality in the community by manifesting myself as an example.

11. Theoretical question: If your BF belongs to a religion different from yours, would you change your religion to that of your BF? Why?

I am quite an open-minded person where if I am truly dedicated to my partner, I would consider the religion and learn about the beliefs and traditions of that religion. Everyone is entitled to their own beliefs, and for this reason I would never influence my significant other to change his beliefs. If the religion is non-conflicting with my own, I may adopt the new traditions and moralities along with my own, for it is important to support others in their beliefs to strengthen relationships.

12. What do you think is the right age range for you to marry? Why?

As of right now, with all the studying and schoolwork I must complete, I am unable to develop strong and true relationships due to lack of time and priorities to my education. For me, I will likely be unable to truly find and dedicate myself to a partner until I am working on my masters.

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