Renato Corona Impeachment
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Several Filipinos in Michigan lauded the Senate’s guilty verdict on the historic impeachment case against erstwhile Philippine Chief Justice Renato Corona, saying there was strong evidence to warrant his conviction.

Philippine Honorary Consul General Jose Evangelista commented he felt relief over the fact that “the impeachment trial is finally over and that the Senate voted to convict CJ Corona.”

He said the overwhelming evidence presented by Ombudsman Conchita Carpio-Morales showed that Corona had concealed 98 percent of his financial assets in violation of the constitutional provision on transparency.

Evangelista said that the closing argument of Congressman-Prosecutor Rudy Farinas had driven the point that the Chief Justice was just making excuses and lying all along even about the supposed “honors” he received in grade school, high school and college.

“The truth has set our country free,” he added.

Roman Ibarreta, a native of Bicol who had been doggedly watching the impeachment trial on ANC, said that he is satisfied with the Senate’s decision. He opined that the defense team had committed a grievous error when it presented Ombudsman Conchita Carpio-Morales as a hostile witness.

Ibarreta, a resident of Rochester Hills, believed that the testimony of Morales on the dollar accounts of Corona tilted the balance of justice in favor of conviction. He said that Corona also made a mistake when he admitted that he has big amounts of bank deposits in dollars and pesos. He practically confessed to his sins, he added.

Jose Roallos, a native of Batangas and now resident of Commerce township, shared Ibarreta’s opinion that the defense lawyers practically picked up a stone and hit their heads with it when they decided to summon Ombudsman Morales as their hostile witness.

However, Roallos praised Corona, his provincemate, for his decision not to appeal anymore the Senate verdict.