Iqbal Singh - DTE Energy
Iqbal Singh – DTE Energy

An executive of DTE Energy has urged Filipino-Americans to be cautious in making their decision on how to vote on Proposal 3 in the coming elections.

Proposal 3 requires utility companies like DTE to source 25 percent of their energy supply from renewable resources by 2025. An existing Michigan legislation calls for utilities to draw 10 percent of the supply from renewable resources by 2015.

Delivering a speech at the Red Carpet Gala Event of the Philippine Chamber of Commerce-Michigan (PCCM) last Oct. 19, Iqbal Singh, DTE ethnic marketing director, said that DTE is a big supporter of the government’s wind and solar energy program, “has invested billions in this effort and has achieved its goals.”

Singh said, “There are some people out there who are oversimplifying things and giving you half-truths. Please understand that there are times when the wind does not blow and the sun does not shine.”

Because of this situation, Singh said, “we need a backup system to pick up the slack before the system goes haywires and becomes unstable.” Without a backup system, he pointed out, the unstable power supply would “result in brownouts, blackouts and power disruptions.”[box type=”default” size=”large”] Says renewable resources need costly back-up systems [/box]“This means we need more base-loaded capacity and more plants, and these plants cost a lot of money,” he said. “Now, where will all this money come from?”

He stressed, “Nobody has unlimited resources – neither the customers nor the utility.”

Another reason DTE is opposing Proposal 3, Singh said, is that technologies in power generation can change fast. Throwing away the flexibility now provided by present legislation is “not a good thing,” he said as he urged the audience “to act with caution on the controversial proposal.

Singh also thanked the Filipino-American community “for the trust, affection and respect you have given me over the last 15 years.”

“I value this friendship, and it is very important to me. Because I firmly believe that no matter who you are, what you do, what is your station in life, it is all about relationship,” he added.


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