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It’s done.

The Filipino American Community Council (FILAMCCO), through the Filamcco Foundation, has finally extended assistance to victims of super typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) in Tacloban City and nearby areas.

Dr. Ernestina Mac, Filamcco Foundation president, reported that Becky Tungol, president of the Philippine American Community Center of Michigan (PACCM), and Imelda Martin-Hum, president of FILAMCCO, travelled last week to Tacloban to distribute construction materials and other forms of assistance to the victims whose houses were severely destroyed by the typhoon and the accompanying storm surge.

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Mac said the building materials were bought with the money raised by the Filamcco Foundation in a fund drive FILAMCCO launched shortly after the typhoon slammed the Visayas regions of the Philippines on Nov. 8, 2013 and caused widespread devastation.

Tungol and Hum, assisted by Tacloban journalist Jack Gadaingan and businessmen Boy Mac and Edwin Pulgar, also handed over building materials needed for various projects that benefit the victims still living in bunkhouses and tents in Tacloban and Basey, Samar, Mac said.

One such project is a waiting shed to be built in a bunkhouse village in Barangay 90, Tacloban. This project benefits 194 families residing in the bunkhouses.

Another project assisted by the Filamcco Foundation is the construction of a basketball court in another bunkhouse community. Personnel of the Department of Social Welfare and Development in charge of the community had requested donation of the materials for the project, citing the need of the residents for physical-fitness activities.

Filamcco Foundation also purchased “pedicabs” which it distributed to the victims. The pedicabs were to be used as means of livelihood and to transport the victims’ children to school.

Other relief and rehabilitation projects assisted by the Filamcco Foundation were those being supervised and managed by Sister Eloisa David, a noted civic leader in Tacloban. David’s projects include a soy  bean farm-mill that benefit farmers whose coconut trees were uprooted by the typhoon.

The foundation also turned over computers to Tacloban-based journalists who lost all their material possessions in the typhoon.

The selection of the beneficiaries was based mainly on a report submitted to the foundation by Filipino Star News Editor Tony Antonio who conducted a fact-finding mission in Tacloban and nearby areas in the second week of May, this year.

The foundation’s board had earlier decided to directly distribute assistance to the victims instead of turning over to the funds raised to the Sagip Kapamilya Foundation of the ABS-CBN radio/TV network. It was learned that the ABS-CBN group spends substantial part of donated funds for administrative cost.

In changing the way of helping the victims, the foundation also wanted to ensure that the donated funds, amounting to more than $100,000,  directly benefit the victims.

Tungol and Hum are expected to submit a detailed report on the distribution of the assistance upon their return to Michigan.


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