The Council of Servant Leaders (CSL)-Toronto cluster, with the blessing of Archbishop N. Lagdameo DD, who is BLD’s (Bukas Loob sa Diyos) global director, announced the appointment of new members of the District Council of Stewards (DCS) for BLD Detroit.

In a letter-circular, CSL-Toronto cluster states, “We praise and thank the Lord for the spirit and grace of discernment in choosing the new District Stewards for BLD Detroit in the 2018 General Emergence.”

The appointment of the new members of DCS for BLD Detroit, with their respective apostolate assignments, will take effect on July 1, 2018, and will end on June 30, 2021.

Appointed DCS members for BLD Detroit are Pablo and Salome Fano, evangelization; Joaquin and Francisca Sibug, formation; Jay and Maria Paz Fetizanan, management; and Edgardo and Belen Dimaguila, pastoral. The position of DCS members for the mission is still vacant.

The letter-circular also states, “We take this opportunity to thank the incumbent DCS members for their selfless service towards the accomplishment of the BLD vision, mission, and goals in the District.”

In his circular, Archbishop Lagdameo states, “As a matter of procedure, we share the responsibility with others. The change is not a matter of demotion or mistake that may have been committed in the past but an opportunity to share the gift of leadership as others have done in the past. No one is indispensable, we simply trust the leadings of the Spirit as we share leadership and charism for the good of BLD Detroit.”

The duties and responsibilities of DCS-Detroit members are as follows:

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Evangelization Apostolates (Jun and Sally Fano) are in charge of the following ministries: Marriage Life Apostolate, Family Life Apostolate, Life in the Spirit Apostolate, Post-life in the Spirit Group, Liturgy, praise ministry, and worship;

Formation Apostolates (Jun and Fran Sibug), ministries: Teaching, Witness Development Program, Coach Development Program, Intercessory, and Word;

Management Apostolates (Jay and Paz Fetizanan), ministries: Secretariat, BLD Foundation, Service and treasury; and

Pastoral Apostolates (Ed and Belen Dimaguila), ministries: Mark 10, Youth, Singles and Solo Parents.