Jose Miguel Arroyo
Former first Gentleman Jose Miguel “Mike” Arroyo MARIANNE BERMUDEZ/Inquirer

MANILA — The legend of a house built by relatives of former First Gentleman Jose Miguel Arroyo at Forbes Park in Makati City in the 1960s is coming to an end.

The Makati sheriff will serve an ultimatum, which is a final notice of eviction, to the family of businessman Herman Montenegro to vacate the sprawling house in North Forbes this week.

Arroyo and Montenegro’s wife, Charito, are second cousins.

The ultimatum is intended to enforce a deed of sale entered into in October last year between Chinese businessman Emilio Tiu of Solid Shipping Lines and the Bank of Philippine Islands (BPI) which foreclosed the Montenegro property last year due to the family’s failure to settle its debts amounting to P135.8 million to BPI. Tiu acquired the property for P105 million in an auction conducted by a Makati regional court on Oct. 18, 2011.

It is a two-storey mansion built by Montenegro on a 1.75-hectare lot located at 132 Cambridge Circle, North Forbes late in the 1960s. It is a tastefully decorated mansion that speaks well of the low-key, low-profile family, a neighbor said.

Served an eviction notice last June, the Montenegros managed to buy time when a new lawyer made an emotional appeal that the mansion had been occupied not by any of Montenegro’s firms, but by his 46-year-old son Greg, supposedly the head of a family.

However, the court later learned that the younger Montenegro has been estranged from his wife, a former actress, and that their child has been in her custody for the longest time. (Interaksyon)