Theresa Q. Tran
Theresa Q. Tran

APIA Vote-Michigan has appointed Theresa Q. Tran as its  first executive director.

The immediate past president of APIA Vote-Michigan, Theresa holds a master of social work from the University of Michigan.

She brings to her new position a wealth of knowledge and experience she gained from her past work on non-profit management, social and racial justice, youth development and community organizing. She is formerly in the staff of the Michigan Roundtable for Diversity and Inclusion in Detroit. Recently, Theresa was also named a fellow with the W.K. Kellogg Foundation’s new Community Leadership Network.

Theresa’s appointment as executive director marked the first time that the APIA organization employed a full-time executive to manage and administer its activities. It is also proof of APIA Vote Michigan’s growth and development as an organization and as an APIA community in the past seven years.

Mahima Mahadevan replaces Theresa as president of APIAVote-Michigan. Willie Dechavez is still the vice president.

The board of directors said, “We are humbled by such an historic milestone that allows us to continue our work of empowering Michigan’s APIA community through civic participation, advocacy, and education.”


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