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CHICAGO – A jobless American, who lured a Filipina into coming to the United States with a promise of marriage, was sentenced last Oct. 5 to be jailed for 20 years for raping and harming her many times during a 24-day ordeal that ended on April 26, 2010.

The torture she allegedly suffered ended when she escaped from the American’s suburban home in Seattle, Washington.

Patrick John McAllister, 49, of 300 Block, Seamount Drive, Brinnon, Washington, was sentenced by Judge Craddock Verser of the Superior Court of the State of Washington in Jefferson County to 250 months (more than 20 years) in jail, Jefferson County Prosecutor Scott W. Rosekrans of Port Townsend, Washington reported.[box type=”default” size=”large”] Victim lured into coming to the US with promise of marriage [/box]McAllister, who had been free on $100,000 bond, was placed in custody last August 10 when a jury returned a verdict that found him guilty of 31 counts of rape in the second degree, domestic violence and rape in the third degree, and domestic violence and assault in the fourth degree.

McAllister’s defense lawyer, Lance Hester, in an email to this reporter, stated that his client was broken-hearted when the Filipina identified only by her initial S. L “left him. And now even two years later, he remains aghast that she would go to the extremes that she has, for maintaining US residency and probable (US) citizenship in years to come.”

“He (McAllister) maintains that he is the true victim in this case and is sorely disappointed the jury did not agree with his testimony. He filed his notice of appeal before leaving the courtroom at sentencing.”

Hester said that S. L. attended the sentencing and was emotional, and testified that “the whole matter was shameful” to her. She was accompanied by her new boyfriend and her brother-in-law, Temur Perkins. S. L. is now “23 or 24 years old.”

Prosecutor Rosekrans told this reporter in an email that, “Mr. McAllister did not apologize (after the sentencing). He accused her (S. L.) of lying. He has a pending case filed with the United States District Court in Seattle.  Mr. McAllister was lucky to get only 20 years. He could have gotten a life sentence.”

Court records show that McAllister was introduced to S. L. by her brotherin-law, Temur Perkins, who described his profession during his testimony as someone “who works from home.” He is married to S. L.’s sister, Rosemarie, and they live at Port Townsend, 60 miles northwest of Seattle.

McAllister began his relationship with S. L. by calling her for several months when she lived with her family in the Philippines.

McAllister went to the Philippines on March 15, 2008 and stayed there until March 28, 2008 to meet S. L. and spend time with her. After McAllister returned to the US, he told S. L. that he would give her a good life, he would be a good husband, he loved her and he wanted her to be his wife.

S. L. arrived in Seattle, Washington on March 14, 2010 and proceeded to the residence of McAllister at 300 Block of Seamount Drive, Brinnon, about 66 miles west of Seattle.

Four days later on March 18, 2010, McAllister raped S. L. The following days and almost daily until April 25, 2010, McAllister would force her to perform oral sex on him and would rape her, and after forcing her to have sex with him, he would kick her three to six times.

On April 26, 2010, S. L. escaped and later filed a complaint against McAllister.

Attorney Hester said McAllister “was in love with S. L. and that he never raped her, and never assaulted her in any way shape or form. He was looking forward to marrying her. And he believes that she and her brother in law, Temur Perkins, masterminded a method for helping S. L. get to the US at McAllister’s expense.

Hester said that S. L. was granted a “U visa,” which allows her to remain in the US. She was given the U visa when she claimed she was a victim of domestic violence, he also said.

A U-visa status is authorized by the Victims of Trafficking and Violence Protection Act of 2000. It is designed to provide lawful status to noncitizen crime victims who are assisting or are willing to assist the authorities in investigating crimes.

S. L. never became pregnant, Rosekrans said.

McAllister was initially charged with 19 counts of second-degree rape, 10 counts of third-degree rape, and 11 counts of fourth-degree rape.

It was reported that the investigation of the case took more than one year because of language difficulty.


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