Aegis Band[box type=”default” size=”large”] Lyn Duterte praised for bringing group to Michigan [/box]

“Hindi napahiya si Lyn (Duterte) sa pangako niya na talagang magaling ang Aegis Band.”

This comment was excitedly made by one lady fan when the Filipino Star News asked about her assessment of the performance of the Aegis Band during  the group’s concert held last May 20 at the Henry Ford II High School Performing Art Center in Sterling Heights.

Lyn Duterte, who is the owner of the Red Ribbon Cake Shop and Catering on Ryan Road, Sterling Heights, was the organizer of the concert. She had promised ticket buyers that the Aegis Band is the best in when it comes to connecting to audiences.

Indeed, the members of the audience, mostly Filipinos, were mesmerized and delighted by every number performed by the band that is noted for the incredible power of the voices of its three singers – sisters Juliet Sunot, Mercy Sunot and Ken Sunot. The beautiful faces of the sisters is also a factor behind their popularity.

The band was likewise impressive with its high notes, bravura performance and tons of sentiments, which seemed to rouse the audience’s innate sense of melodrama, invoking both empathy and sympathy. This makes it a true expression of the Filipino spirit

It was obvious that many in the audience were familiar with the band’s popular songs – such as “Halik,” “Luha,” “Basang Basa sa Ulan,” “Sinta” and “Mahal na Mahal Kita.” Many of the concert goers were singing along with the band to their hearts’ content.

It seemed there was a feeling of oneness with Aegis among the fans who were touched by its love songs, particularly those that pertain to broken heart. One could vicariously feel the searing pain as the trio of Juliet, Ken and Mercy crooned “Luha” or “Halik.”

Several in the audience showed their appreciation of the band’s enjoyable performance by handing money to the singers. The fans also bought the band’s albums in CDs despite the fact it was pricey.

Aegis has released seven albums during its 17-year-long career, and these have consistently made the Gold and Platinum marks.

The band’s other great hits include “Munting Pangarap,” “Maniwala Ka,” “Bakit? (Ako’y Ngayon Hate Mo),” “Sa’yo Lamang,” “Pagbabalik,” “Minahal Kita,” “Sayang na Sayang,” “Usahay,” “Dukha,” “Bayan Ko,” “Pagsubok,” “Miss na Miss Kita,” “Hesus” and “May Bukas Pa.”   

Since they started in 2000, the band has drawn strong support from Filipino masses. And its concert gave credence to the claim that the phenomenal success of Aegis band could be attributed to two factors — genuine talent and strong recall of its songs.

The other members of the band, which is based in Quezon City but which became popular in Cebu, are Stella Pabico, keyboards; Vilma Goloviogo, drums; Weng Adriano, bass guitar; and Rey Abenoja, lead guitar.


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