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THANKSGIVING DAY MASS CHOIR. Photo shows members of the Philippine Chorale and Isang Binhi Choir singing the psalms and hymns in Tagalog during the Filipino Thanksgiving Day mass held on Nov. 28, 2013 in the Saint Hugo of the Hills church in Bloomfield Hills. The choir master was Dr. Buddy Ostrea. The mass was organized by the Philippine Medical Association of Michigan. (Photo by Percy Antonio)
[box type=”default” size=”large”] ‘We pray together as a nation on Thanksgiving Day’ [/box]Fr. Tim Galos, who celebrated the Thanksgiving Day mass held on Nov. 28, 2013 at the Saint Hugo of the Hills church in Bloomfield Hills, urged the faithful to always acknowledge that “we are dependent on God because He owns everything in this world.”

Father Galos, a Filipino-American priest fondly called “Father Tim,” said, “There are two things we should remember on Thanksgiving Day – first, we should remember who God is, and, second, God will never abandon us.”

Delivering his homily, Father Tim recalled the first celebration of Thanksgiving Day in 1861 by a group of pilgrims from Europe who landed in Massachusetts after two months of travel by sea. The 20 survivors were so happy that they offered a thanksgiving mass.

Father Tim, who is a pastor at St. Michael parish in Sterling Heights, noted that it was President Abraham Lincoln who decreed in 1863 a nationwide celebration of Thanksgiving Day on the first Thursday of November. In 1941, the holding of the mass was reset to the last Thursday of November.

He cited the significance of the Thanksgiving Day celebration, saying it is the day of the year when “we gather together as a nation and pray to God.”

Father Tim, who was assisted by Deacon Robert Roland, said, “We thank God everyday for giving us the good things, but we are obligated to share our blessings to others. Saint Paul tells us we do this to glorify not ourselves but to glorify God, and all things be done to the glory of God.”

Father Tim, who hails from Maasin, Leyte, Philippines, urged the faithful to pray for the typhoon victims in the Philippines and give financial help to them. Last Saturday (Dec. 7) at Saint Rene Goupil church in Sterling Heights, he celebrated a mass of remembrance for those who perished in the typhoon.

The annual Thanksgiving Day mass was hosted by the Philippine Medical Association of Michigan (PMAM) headed by President Rose Aquiller-Angeles in cooperation with the Filipino-American community. The mass was attended by at least 250 people.

In her brief remark, Angeles said the funds raised in the mass will be donated to the typhoon Yolanda victims. She thanked the Philippine Chorale and Isang Binhi Choir for singing the Filipino hymns and psalms under the baton of Dr. Buddy Ostrea.

Angeles also thanked Doctors Ester Aoigan-Guevarra and Adoracion Chang, co-chairpersons of the Thanksgiving Day mass committee, for doing the task of making preparations for the Eucharistic celebration.


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