Haiyan victimsThe Asian American International Sports Association, Inc. (AAISA) thanked kind-hearted individuals, groups and institutions that had supported its campaign to solicit in-kind donations to the victims of super typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) in the Visayas regions of the Philippines.
[quote style=”boxed” ]Sports group thanks individuals, others for aid in campaign[/quote]
AAISA, which is based in Michigan and headed by Commissioner Jonas Pozon Sr., reported that its drive to solicit clothes and foodstuff was “a huge success” as it had collected many boxes of the relief items.

“Thanks to all our AAISA members, friends, co-workers, associates and all the many other kind-hearted individuals who took time out of their busy day to assist us in the efforts to help the victims and their families. Whether you donated food, clothes or your time, AAISA and the Pozon family sincerely thank you,” AAISA said.

It also expressed its gratitude to other persons and groups “for your kindness in coming to the aid of the devastated Filipino communities.”

These groups include the Allen Park High School and the Pozon Career Institute which provided the drop-off locations for the food and clothing donations.

It likewise thanked the Philippine American Community Center of Michigan (PACCM) for assisting in the shipment of the food and clothing donations to the Philippines.

Furthermore, AAISA expanded its solicitation drive to Carson City, California where it collected donations of foodstuff and clothes.

AAISA Commissioner Pozon collaborated with his brother Johnathan Pozon Stauffer and the Laguna Bakery in the drive. Laguna Bakery  donated 13 pallets of food items to the AAISA campaign, and these were sent to the victims of typhoon Haiyan.

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AAISA was extremely pleased by the favorable response to the request for food donations.

The response was so overwhelming that AAISA was prompted to seek assistance in transporting the foodstuff from the City of Carson, California to the Philippines. AAISA thanked Carson City Mayor Jim Dear and Mayor Pro Tempore Elito Santarina for providing assistance in transporting the food donations.

It also thanked Teamsters Local 848 for transporting the food donations from the warehouse to the Carson City Hall where these were later picked up for shipment to the Philippines.