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Second-hand cigarette smoke is dangerous to your health. But do you know there is a third-hand cigarette smoke?

Dr. Enrique M. Ostrea, Jr. said third-hand smoke is the smoke you breathe when you’re exposed to second-hand smoke, which is the smoke that sticks to the clothes of a person who is sitting next to a smoker or smokers.

Just like first-hand and second-hand smoke, third-hand smoke is also dangerous to your health. First-hand smoke is the smoke puffed out by the cigarette smoker, while second-hand smoke is the smoke inhaled by the person sitting next to the smoker.

The second-hand smoke also sticks to the clothes and even the hair of the person exposed to first-hand smoke. When the smoke in the shirt is smelled or inhaled by another person, it becomes third-hand smoke.

Doctor Ostrea, a Filipino-American medical scientist, disclosed his research findings on third-hand smoke when he delivered a lecture on “Meconium Drug Testing” last Nov. 10 at the Philippine-American Community Center of Michigan in Southfield. Doctor Ostrea is the inventor of the Mecnonium Drug Testing.

He said that parents who have just come from places where smoking is tolerated (like a pub) should change their clothes before they hug their baby. If not, the baby would inhale the smoke, and the nicotine could infect the infant’s lungs, he said.